The name BamBuk is derived from the word bamboo. For us, it represents the ecological method of transportation provided by our E-trike. The unique character of our tandem e-trike is underlined by its thoughtful engineering and quality materials.


  • The BamBuk Tandem E-Trike is equipped with full suspension: a double leaf spring in front and shock damper in the rear.
  • Upright ergonomic seats enable chair-level comfort for both riders. The inclination of the seat can be adjusted. Individual height requests can be accommodated.
  • High riding comfort is achieved with the big wheels (two 61cm/24-inch wheels in front, one 66cm/26-inch wheel at the rear).
  • Mesh seats reduce sweat while riding.
  • The higher-positioned rear seat provides a good field of view for the rear rider (stoker).
  • The double leaf spring suspension in front can be adjusted for desired shock absorbency.
  • We can provide individualized ergonomic features for your e-trike.


The E-Trike Tandem has a patent-pending telescopic frame, allowing it to be shortened from 3-meters to 1.8-meters for transport. We also offer a transport rack for your car.


Double the fun on the BamBuk Tandem E-trike!
  • The steering and main disc brakes are operated by the pilot in front.
  • The gear control unit can be placed in front or in the back, allowing the stoker to be involved in the control process


  • Two 61cm/24-inch wheels in front, one 66cm/26-inch wheel at the rear.
  • Rohloff 14-speed hub.
  • The double leaf spring suspension in front and shock damper in the rear provide comfort for both riders.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on front wheels are easily operated by the pilot with a lever. Mechanical disc brake on the back wheel.
  • The patent-pending frame is telescopic, allowing the e-trike to compress from 3-meters to 1.8-meters for transportation in a van.


The Sunstar iBike S03+ is the perfect solution for BamBuk Tandem E-trike for the following reasons:
  • It is the lightest electric mid-drive motor in its category.
  • It is engineered with Swiss and Japanese quality standards.
  • It offers three modes for speed and power economy choice: Eco (80%); Normal (100%); Sport (150%)
  • Many e-bike motors come with inexpensive cadence sensors. The Sunstar iBike S03+ includes a torque sensor which gives you smoother power increases and a feeling of having “bionic legs” while you pedal, assisted by the motor.


The BamBuk Tandem E-trike is equipped with a 11Ah lithium-ion battery. The trip distance on one battery charge is between 35 and 60 km, depending on the operational mode (Eco/Normal/Sport). The range can be increased up to 120 km with an optional extra battery.