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<h1>BamBuk E-Cargo trycicle</h1>

BamBuk E-Cargo trycicle

Transporting your groceries safely and in a relaxed manner, quickly picking up your child from school or daycare, or giving your dog a rest period during an excursion – an E-Cargo trycicle can do all of this and much more.
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Price list

Our cargo trike is ideal for the urban lifestyle as well as for a tour in the country with a child and a picnic basket in the luggage. The BamBuk cargo bike can transport up to 200 kg (including the driver). It is supported by a Shimano Steps mid-motor.

There are many reasons for Lastenrad


There are many reasons for a cargo trike A cargo trike is very trendy at the moment and is even subsidized by the state because it can replace a car in terms of its functionality. If you follow a sustainable lifestyle and, for example, complete short distances every day, such as going to the grocery store, driving the children to appointments, or even professional delivery trips, a cargo bike can be the ideal partner for you. In spite of all the ecological thinking, driving fun shouldn’t be neglected, we think. That’s why we paid special attention to the equipment, the practical and beautiful design, and the performance of our cargo bike. The highlight for you: A cargo bike is economical, environmentally friendly, and thanks to the electric motor you are still on the move quickly. You can also do something for your health and fitness in the fresh air.

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Dimensions and equipment of the E-Cargo trycicle

Despite the extensive loading volume in the front of the transport box, the BamBuk cargo trike can be described as compact and well thought-out. It has a total length of 207 cm, a width of 85 cm and a height of 111 cm. The maximum transport load for the driver is up to 100kg body weight and a load of 100kg in the loading basket at the front. The front frame is made of durable steel and the main frame is made of lightweight aluminum to save weight. The wheels both measure 20″ at the front and 26″ at the rear.

The key data of the electric motor


A SHIMANO STEPS E6000 is installed as a mid-motor. Despite its powerful, reliable output (250 W), it is characterized by its low weight (3.2 kg) and compact design. It offers the perfect driving support for the cargo trike with its intelligent pedal support, which promises a natural driving experience.

The battery

The BamBuk cargo trike is equipped with a high-quality Li-Ion battery that guarantees a long service life. Tests have shown that this battery can handle 1000 charging cycles without any significant loss of performance. So, you are well prepared for many short but also long tours with the cargo bike. The charging time is 4 hours, the battery weighs 2.55 kg.

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BamBuk E-Trike Tandem is a pedelec and thus equivalent to a bicycle:

  • Bicycle paths may be usedBicycle paths may be used
  • No license plate is necessaryNo license plate is necessary
  • There is no helmet requirement <span>For your own safety, however, we recommend wearing a bicycle helmet.</span>There is no helmet requirement For your own safety, however, we recommend wearing a bicycle helmet.

Have we aroused your interest in our high-end cargo trike? Then just go for a test drive with us.

Make an appointment by phone at 07223-9425877 or by e-mail at . Right here you can look into our price list for our E-Trike cargo bike
Online Test Drive Make an appointment for a test drive

Must I wear a helmet while riding the E-Cargo trike: yes or no?

Although there is no legal helmet requirement for adults or children in Germany, a bicycle helmet is still recommended for the adult driver and the child in the transport box. Our E-Cargo tricycle is not going to tip over, but you are moving with it in road traffic and should take precautions.

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