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Tobias & Reni aus Frankfurt

New experiences: two people on an electric tricycle


We went on a two-day test drive with the Bamboo-E-Trike. Our special feature was that a person with severe physical limitations was present. Cycling together was quite possible for us. The various operating elements(gearshift, engine control, steering wheel) can be arranged differently on request with the order.

An additional belt or specially adapted grab handles, as well as special pedals, will also be necessary for us and are also available, so that despite the existing restrictions, the safety and the feeling of safety and thus also the carefree driving does not spoil the driving pleasure. It was a great pleasure to be able to enjoy the freedom to ride a bike together despite physical limitations. Also, the available freewheel will bring an additional relaxation, when one person can relax better, because their feet no longer have to move due to the pedaling movements of the other.

The driving was very pleasant. Even on a very warm day, driving in the wind was pleasantly cool. Of course, you only have to pay attention to sun protection here. The coolness of the airstream, like the coolness of the water when bathing, can easily make you forget about the risk of sunburn. The advantage of this type of construction in comparison with tandems, where people sit next to each other, is the small width of the vehicle. We often got through narrow ones well with posts as a barrier for larger vehicles.

Narrower bike paths are also possible and also cause fewer problems in oncoming traffic or when overtaking other cyclists. The fact that both people are sitting makes driving and steering very relaxed. Especially in comparison to a two-wheeled tandem(e.g. Haase-Bikes Pino) or a cargo bike, it requires no effort to keep the balance, because the three wheels keep the tandem stable on the ground at all times. For people who are not as well trained as me, driving is still possible even if the strength decreases. Entertainment is quite possible while driving. The person in front is best to speak a little backwards against the direction of travel, which works better if the steering is at the back, because otherwise you would have to take your eyes off the road. Another nice effect is that on a tandem everyone steps as much or little as she or he likes.

In this way, it is not too boring for one person because it is too slow or under-demanding because he has to wait for the other person or over-demanding for the other person because he hardly comes along. On our test drive, we were both well done in the end. It was a great trip for us and it is a well-suited bike for us.


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