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Discover ourE-Trike Tandem now:
Comfortable driving for two, easily transportable and with an electric motor
Where it all began

Where it all began

As so often, our company history at BamBuk started with an idea, or rather out of a private necessity. When Verena, the wife of Franz Benz, had an accident and was no longer able to ride her beloved bicycle tours due to the consequences of a serious knee injury, Franz Benz was looking for a bicycle solution that would allow the two to do bicycle tours together again. Since he could not find a really suitable solution on the bicycle market, he developed it himself: a tilt-safe tricycle tandem, which can be operated by one person, the pilot sitting in the back, safely and with an overview alone if necessary. So the 1st prototype of the tricycle tandem was born.

In April 2014, Franz Benz and Anton Simonov met in a professional environment. It soon became clear that the two shared two passions – technical developments and cycling. That was the starting signal of a common path…

The founding of BamBuk E-Trikes & Tandems

The founding of BamBuk E-Trikes & Tandems

Anton Simonov says: Franz Benz introduced me to the prototype of his tricycle tandem in 2014 and took me to the special bike fair in Germersheim – an important, solid and supporting community for us to this day. I was immediately inspired by the topic of special bikes, e-trikes, tandems & Co. just like my colleague Franz. No, actually infected. In April 2014 we founded our company BamBuk on a part-time basis and further developed the Tandem tricycle.

The tricycle tandem quickly turned into an e-trike tandem, because it was then electric-motorized in order to be able to ride relaxed for as long tours as possible. We also made sure that it was easy to transport. We were and are sure that this special bike is a wonderful and sustainable means of transportation for many bicycle fans. The prototype of the BamBoo E-Trike tandem as a touring bike was born.

3 Wheels – 2 Pilots - 1 Goal

3 Wheels – 2 Pilots - 1 Goal

Then it was quick: in 2017 we sold our first bicycles and had built our first small series of six e-bikes. In 2018, there were already 25 E-Trike tandems. At the start, we were a family team of two married couples: Verena Benz organized trade fairs and contacts, Olga Simonova photographed, Franz Benz and I, Anton Simonov, developed.

From year to year we have grown, we have grown. A team of employees has been added. Today, the former garage manufactory has become a full-fledged bicycle manufactory with the name BamBoo E-Trikes & Tandems and the small series of the e-Trike Tandems has become a full-fledged model series in series production.

Our Philosophy

As a bicycle manufacturer, we have made it our mission to create innovative special bicycles that offer comfort and reliability as well as driving pleasure and flexibility. That is why it is so important to us to produce special bicycles that exactly fit the needs and life situation of your riders individually. In our company, we combine the maxim of short distances and individual advice of a family business with professionalism, modernity and reliability based on industrial standards, since BamBuk designs and manufactures itself.

We want you to feel well advised and cared for as a cycling fan. We create, build and distribute bicycles with a lot of know–how for individualists, couples, families or for people with reduced mobility or visual impairments alike – for young and old. Challenge us with your wishes!

Our heart beats in the Bambuk bicycle manufactory for special bicycles that enable comfortable, safe riding even on long distances. Ecological driving pleasure and sustainability are particularly important to us. This is already reflected in our company name BamBuk. This is derived from the naturally renewable raw material bamboo. The reliable electric motor makes our bicycles suitable for everyday, modern means of transportation for everyone – thanks to e-mobility, even for longer distances

Anton Simonov, co-founder and Managing Director of BamBuk and development engineer in mechanical engineering with many years of innovation experience at Schaeffler Automotive Bühl GmbH & Co. KG.

We will find the right bike solution for you to turn locomotion into riding fun and to be able to create a new experience of freedom of movement!

In addition to the E-Trike Tandem – our recumbent trike for two adults with lots of overview while riding – we offer a E-Cargo bike and soon the optionally pedal-powered or hand-operated E-Handquad as well as our newly developed E-Quad. With these you can work out in an environmentally friendly way and get around sustainably at the same time. Of course, the driving fun is not neglected. Important for you: You can also get all accessories and spare parts for your BamBuk Bike on request.

Find out more about the price and equipment here. Find out more about the price and equipment here.

Our patent (Patent No. 10 2016 205 829)
Only we can do that: thanks to our patented telescopic solution, our tricycle tandem can be pushed together to 200 cm. Thus, the BamBuk E-Trike can be easily and safely transported on a special bicycle rack with the attachment on a trailer hitch or in most cars with the rear seat folded down. BamBuk E-Trikes & Tandems is funded by MBG Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg GmbH.

Would you like to get to know all our manufacturers and our bikes, whether tricycle tandem or cargo bike, better?

Arrange a free test drive appointment so that we can advise you individually during your visit with us. If you have a long journey, it might be a good idea to combine your test drive with a longer stay and possibly plan a trip to the Black Forest or the world-famous spa town of BadenBaden. We look forward to getting to know you personally.

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