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Summer Edition for 10.868€ instead of 12.128€ (netto-price, without VAT)!

Recumbent Tandem E-Trike

BamBuk Summer Edition until 21.Sept.2024 with Bosch SMART motor! Please ask us to send this configuration via e-mail or Whatsapp!

BamBuk - Your manufacturer of recumbent e-trike tandems: comfortable riding with full suspension and Bosch CX motor

A very comfortable tandem for sports enthusiasts, families, seniors as well as for people with small disabilities or even severely disabled people accompanied with fit riders. With our E-Trike it is so easy to go on tour for short and long rides.


The BamBuk e-trike tandem is made in Germany with the best components as Rohloff Hub, Bosch CX Motor, Hydraulic Twin Brakes!

This e-trike is ideal for chilled-out rides for two. The bike is tilt-proof, comfortable as a full suspension recumbent bike, with low entry and easy to ride like an e-bike. With a range of about 70 kilometers on a fully charged battery, the trike makes it easy to enjoy wonderful excursions together – without getting out of breath.

The highlight: Thanks to our patented telescopic solution, the tandem can be pushed together to 200 cm and can be transported comfortably and safely on a special bike carrier with attachment to a trailer hitch. So your BamBuk E-Trike is also your companion on vacation, for example.


About BamBuk, the special bicycles workshop from Ottersweier (Baden-Baden region): made in Germany!

Each BamBuk E-Trike is custom-made in our production workshop in Ottersweier according to your individual wishes and requirements, so that it optimal fits your life situation.

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