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Our Range of E-Trike Tandems, E-Load Bikes & E-Quads

E-Trike tandems, cargo bikes and quads are our passion at BamBuk. Because: We will find the right bike solution for you to turn movement into a fun experience and to create a new experience of freedom of movement! Find out more about our product portfolio and our individual models right here.

  • E-Trike Tandem
  • Quad 4×4

BamBuk E-Trike Tandem

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Are you looking for a bike, which will allow you plenty of riding fun together with your loved ones? Our E-Trike Tandem is the combination of an e-bike and a tilt-proof recumbent bike with plenty of visibility for two adults.


BamBuk Quad 4×4

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Soon to be available: Our all-wheel drive four-wheeled vehicle with electric and pedal drive (Pedelec) is a real eye-catcher. As an all-terrain, pedal-powered trend vehicle, our E-Quad is for every man and every woman. The tilt stability due to the two-track design, high payload as well as traction create a new driving experience while offering a lot of flexibility and extreme safety on all surfaces and over obstacles such as stairs.

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